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Business:Lia Sophia Jewelry
Contact:Shirley Pedraza
Las Vegas, NV 89131
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Crafts, Jewelr

Lia Sophia Jewelry

I could tell you that I started my own lia sophia business because I wanted a challenge, or because I was motivated to become a fabulous businesswoman. But I'm not going to lie to you – I joined because I loved the jewelry! When the Advisor at the first Show I attended saw how many pieces were on my wish list, she told me the secret to having it all was doing what she does. So yes, I became an Advisor to get great discounts on the hottest jewelry. But what I didn't realize at the time was that I would actually earn an income while shopping with the girls! I am a living example that you CAN mix business with pleasure. Every step of the way, lia sophia rewards me for my success, with trips to fantastic places like Hawaii and the Caribbean, free jewelry, and much more. It's hard to believe what started out as a desire to wear great jewelry has turned into a business I truly love, but that's exactly what happened.


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