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Business: IInSomnio
Contact: Katelyn Davis
Address: PO Box 1581
Penn Valley, 95946
United States
Phone: 5306480499
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Jewelry, Wire


I am a chain maille artisan based in Northern California and I have been making chain maille for over a decade. I am excited to be able to be making chain maille full time, after being a hobbiest for so long. Most of the chain maille I make is copper, but I work in lots of different metals. I love playing with color and so anodized aluminum is a frequent favorite. I mostly create chain maille jewelry but I also do other items like wallet chains, keychains, and dice bags. I am constantly creating things and so my inventory changes regularly but I will always be a chain mailler first and foremost. Besides mailling, I also sew, design my own buttons and magnets, produce custom household items, and I also occasionally make bookish things (booksleeves, book marks, etc.).


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