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Golden Valley Publishing, LLC

We publish books and feature our award-winning memoir: "Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up in New York City, 1944-1962." "Yorkville Twins" was a FINALIST in the prestigious 2012 Midwest Book Awards, competing with over 300 books submitted from 12 midwestern states. The book came in 2nd place in the Social Science category. "Yorkville Twins" is also required reading for the second year in a row at Mercy College in NYC for freshman and junior "Critical Inquiry" seminar students in "The immigration Experience in New York City " and "History of the Hudson," respectively. Twin brothers Joseph and John Gindele grew up on the rough streets of Yorkville on Manhattan’s ethnic Upper East Side over 60 years ago. This is their story—what the city was like then, how it changed, and how two kids from immigrant parents became accomplished Minnesota schoolteachers with earned doctorate degrees. It’s an American tale full of adventures and laughs, sweet memories and sad moments. How did their immigrant Czech and German parents and siblings--a family of seven--ever survive living with these guys? Your trip down memory lane will reveal surprises of how different, yet really how similar, childhood experiences were for all of us. Growing up on the East Coast or West Coast or in the Midwest, stories of our youth are really pretty much the same. Or are they? See our website: for more information. Renew Childhood Memories. Live the Immigrant Experience


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