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Business: Giggle Box
Contact: Tracy Gilmore
Tamaqua, PA 18252
United States
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Giggle Box

Being a single parent of special needs kids, I'm always looking for things that will encourage creativity and expression for my kids. My son's autism inspired me to find an activity that would challenge his dexterity and touch sensitivity in a fun way, and offer an outlet to express his likes and passions. Now that he's older I want to share that with others. So I have developed Giggle Box. We give a blank container and load a table with everything from stickers, to paint, and pom poms...etc. so many choices...and let the kids (and adults) create, glue, draw....anything they can imagine, and fill their end result with a bag full of treats! Hopefully others will be as enriched by this fun activity as my children have been.


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