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Business:Gaia Blends
Contact:Laura Brannon
Address:168 Pine Valley Dr
Dunmore, WV 24934
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Bath & Bod

Gaia Blends

Gaia Blends Healing Salve originated from our handcrafted family recipe. This unique combination of natural and organic ingredients provided superior healing qualities and protective attributes than anything we had used before. Friends requested our salve for themselves (and to give as gifts) which encouraged us to take it to the local farmers market. The response was amazing - our community definitely appreciated the skin benefits of our quality salves and our family owned business was born. Excited in our success, we next learned to make pure beeswax candles, hoops and later, cold processed soaps. With this expanded line of quality, handmade products, our adventure continues as Gaia Blends visits festivals and markets around the country.


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