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Business: Fireside Music and Motion
Contact: Jennifer Yoxall
Address: 50 Cooks Lane
Guilford, CT 06437
United States
Phone: 203-738-6787
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Fireside Music and Motion

Fireside Music and Motion music education products are based on the idea that “a picture’s worth a thousand words." Our books, flashcards, and games rely on fun and easy-to-recall images rather than rote memorization to help kids learn music notes and rhythms. Clapping and jumping (kinesthetic) games reinforce the images and hold the interest of even the mightiest of fidgeters. This multi-sensory learning process allows information to sink deep into the brain where it stays! Our books and games teach all three music clefs, rhythms and where notes are on the piano and string instruments. Because the same fun images are used to teach multiple concepts, once children learn them in one context, it is very simple to apply the knowledge to other concepts.


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