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Business: DragonHealer
Contact: Ryder
Address: 252 Main Street
Hampstead, NH 03841-2041
United States
Phone: 603-553-2845
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Entertainment, Educational Programs


I offer explorative art products, graphic designs, crafts, tie-dyed t-shirts, stickers, advertisement displays and more. I can create various graphic design products, advertisements, images or graphic word art involving the theme or content you desire. I can lead or provide various classes, workshops, and events involving creative arts activities or entertainment. This may include tie dying events, paint-night, and even birthday parties. I offer various forms of creating expressive art and writing that encourages you to explore your authentic voice or develop emotional regulation skills. As a neurodivergent elementary teacher, trained in social emotional learning, trauma informed practices and de-escalation skills. I can offer an arrangement of positive youth interventions including educational programs, advocacy support, tutoring, community involvement, peer mentoring and art therapy activities. I have a unique ability to build connections and engage with youth that struggle with forming, engaging, or maintaining relationships and interactions within their home, school, and community environments.


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