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Brandon Maddox Band

Nashville, TN is known as a "10 year town," meaning it generally takes about that long for a talented persistent singer songwriter to "make it." However, I am of course just generalizing because there isn't any "magic number" when it comes down to it. Unfortunately common though, aspiring talents more often than not either give up long before the 10 year mark or instead they may persevere but still do not receive the big break they had hoped for. In opposition, sometimes you are introduced to a newer to town talent that simply has such a musical spark that something just tells you they are on the fast track. Want a good example of this particular scenario? Say hello to Chattanooga, TN native Brandon Maddox. In just 2 ½ short years, Brandon has shown he is undoubtedly well on his way to enjoying a successful, long lasting career here in Music City. While it is obvious that Brandon is ultimately here in Nashville because he simply enjoys singing and songwriting and would go the long haul no matter what, I can confidently say Brandon Maddox is among the names you will be hearing more and more of. Brandon, who began singing at just 3 or 4 years old has loved music as long as he can remember. He was influenced by the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Seger, The Eagles and several other legends. He can recall leaning up against his Dad's stereo tower listening to and being taken up with all the different melodies.


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