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Business:B. G. Simpson
Contact:Bobby Simpson
Address:570 S. Juanita St.
Hemet, CA 92543
United States
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B. G. Simpson

Author's Biography: B. G. Simpson grew up traveling his first ten years in a military family. He, along with his family had shortly settled into San Diego County in 1968. From there, he grew to learn through the experiences of running, singing, and traveling that the road wasn't always a clear cut journey to follow. Sometimes there were dips and curves along the way that impeded his pathway. B. G. Simpson had learned from events of failure that getting back up and continuing his journey would be a road leading to success. He'd developed a new perspective on life, opening up a whole new world of self-discovery. Knowing that hard work, along with ambition were the keys to success at almost anything. In later years, B. G. Simpson had found his secret niche of success would cause inspiration in side of him, fueled by his imagination. A world of books, and hero's, and scary moments, of villains, and difficult situations, of times loved, and times of tears--all playing their part. He learned a world existed beyond ones door or physical borders. Today, he finds strength through the written lines of his imagination mixed with life experiences.


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