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United States
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Adam Lynch

Adam Lynch has been writing books since the third grade. He's always carried a passion for creating stories and developing characters. From super hero picture books to his newly released novel "Making Dreams Into Reality", published by Tate Publishing Enterprises, Adam Lynch is taking his love for imagination from fun and games to a level he is able to contribute to the world. Additionally Adam Lynch is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has professionally recorded two songs, one of which was released on a compilation CD. He is currently enrolled in the Music Careers Mentoring Program, studying with Tom Hess for knowledge and opportunities in the music and business industry. He has also collaborated with twelve professional musicians around the world on various projects such as the compilation CD in which they've self recorded, produced and distributed five thousand physical copies word-wide. On top of writing his next novel, "The True Spiritual Nature of Love", Adam Lynch is also working with seven professional musicians from the Music Careers Mentoring Program on a business proposal for the Tom Hess Music Corporation. Adam Lynch has big ambitions for the music and writing industries and will stop at nothing in making his dreams into reality.


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