Wisconsin Crafting Outlook for 2009

March 2009

There is a lot more to Wisconsin than just cheese. Actually, the cheese is so good that it does attract a lot of people into this beautiful state which, in turn, helps create success for local businesses. Cottage industries and crafters are very successful in Wisconsin due, in large part, to the cheese industry and, of course, the Dells that draw the tourists into the state. Tourists love to buy homemade items that are created in the state they are visiting in order to bring some of the "local flavor" back home when they return from their journey and this provides opportunities for Wisconsin crafters to sell their wares at local gift shops and truck stops in addition to the plethora of Wisconsin craft shows. There will naturally been quite a few in 2009 too.

There is at least one Wisconsin craft show scheduled every month and in the warmer months there is at least one each weekend and on some weekends you would have to choose which show to attend. The craft shows in Wisconsin for 2009 also include local church bazaars where all are welcomed to juried craft shows for the finest vendors and crafters in the area. You would be wise to get your calendar filled as soon as possible so that you can plan out your year and assure yourself of a profitable year.

Selling your crafts online and at local gift shops is something to seriously consider if you are looking to expand your business and make more money in the coming year. Another way to increase your profits for Wisconsin craft shows in 2009 include buying your supplies in bulk; this is another advantage to planning your year in advance as much as possible and minimizing waste. Sometimes the most creative crafts are the ones made from the scraps left behind from other crafting projects and the profit margin on these items is much higher, too.

Despite news reports of economic crisis, the outlook for crafters in Wisconsin for 2009 is good. There is always something that people want or need and successful crafters know how to create goods to fill those needs and keep customers buying year after year. Keeping a positive attitude, setting goals and planning ahead are all things that will help. Also, by buying in bulk, minding your expenses and staying on top of the latest craft trends, you can create better profits for your Wisconsin craft shows in 2009.

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