Texas Crafters Making a Profit

March 2009

If there's one thing you can count on from Texans, it is their individuality. The Lone Star State has long been known for its uniqueness when it comes to arts, crafts and just about everything else. It's no wonder then that many Texans are making a few extra dollars, if not an entire business, out of creating unique crafts to sell at local craft fairs. Texas craft fairs are unique in many ways including the food vendors you will find selling homemade chili or BBQ ribs instead of just the usual hot dogs and elephant ears you find in other states. Of course, that means more napkins, but it also means more fun. Craft fairs in Texas constitute a great market for you to sell your unique craft items and make extra money. There are usually plenty of customers looking for something new and different. Go in with a friendly demeanor and some interesting crafts and you are sure to do well at a Texas craft fair. But, better be sure your crafts are high-quality because shoddy craftsmanship is one thing Texans won't tolerate. So, what items are popular at craft fairs in Texas? That's hard to say because there is always something new. Patriotic themes always go over well along with state themes and western motifs. Putting a cowboy hat on just about any character can make it more Tex-style and increase its chances of being sold. Oh, everything in Texas is big. Big hair, big hats, big cars and big crafts is the norm in one of the biggest states in America. 2009 is the perfect time to get started if you have ever thought about selling your creations at craft fairs in Texas. No matter what analysts may predict about the economy, it simply doesn't apply to crafting. In fact, during tough economic times people are more likely to buy inexpensive to moderately priced items that make them feel better. Beautiful, funny and luxurious personal care items tend to do very well during an economic downturn; so, why not get started today?


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By GARY FLOWERS on February 22, 2013

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