Six Great Reasons to Start a Crafting Business in Arkansas

March 2009

There are many advantages to running a small business from home in 2009.  In fact, with so few jobs available in most parts of Arkansas, starting your own business might just be one of the few options that are available to you these days.  If you are looking to start a small business in Arkansas, you might want to consider starting your own crafting business.  In a state that is known for its mineral production and an abundance of many natural resources, a crafting business can help you make good use of local resources in addition to ensuring a regular income.  There are at least six other great reasons to start a crafting business in Arkansas this year.

  1. Time freedom.  One of the greatest reasons to do a crafting business in Arkansas is the scope to get more freedom with your time.  You may have to do craft shows at a certain time and place, but most of your time is spent creating crafts and you can do that on any schedule you choose.
  2. Tax deductions.  Depending on your financial circumstances, this one might be more important to you.  You can save a lot of amount from your taxes by running a business from your home.  You are able to deduct things like a portion of your utilities and lots of other things you normally wouldn’t get credit for.  Ask your accountant how opening a home-based business can help you.
  3. You are your own boss.  You will be the sole authority to decide when and where to work and when to take a day off.  You don’t need permission to visit your mother in the hospital or stay home with your sick child.
  4. Control over your paycheck.  When you own a crafting business in Arkansas you can write your own check.  You can set your goals and plan your business to create whatever level of income you desire.
  5. Making money doing something you love.  Not many people are fortunate enough to spend all day making fun crafts and then get paid for it.  This is something to be excited about or even boast of.  Imagine not dreading Monday mornings and feeling happy to get out of bed.
  6. More time with your family.  Being able to work from home with a craft business in Arkansas means you are there when your family needs you.

Arkansas has always been proud of creating things from its own resources like the capital building being built of marble that was all quarried within the state.  You might choose to make and sell crafts that are made from natural minerals or gemstones found abundantly in the state. That will not only support local economy but enchant the many tourists who visit Arkansas each year.

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