Proudly Made in Ohio: Buy Local

March 2009

More and more people are turning to a "buy local" mentality. As people continue to lose jobs that have been outsourced to other countries, they are starting to wake up to the importance of creating a strong local economy. The people in Ohio are certainly catching on to this trend and arts, crafts and other handi-work with the "Made in Ohio" logo are fast becoming easier and easier to sell. And why shouldn't it be? Ohio crafters are known for their attention to detail and the very high quality they ensure in their products. So how can you take advantage of this trend? One way to really take advantage of this trend is to consider setting up your own "Made in Ohio" crafting website in addition to selling your locally made arts and crafts at all the major craft shows in Ohio. This will allow people from all over Ohio and around the world to appreciate your fine crafts and that will greatly increase your profit potential in the coming year. Neighboring states like Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky may all appreciate the value of your craft items. One of the things to consider this year is really using the "Made in Ohio" tag to brand yourself with. If you are making scarves or pins, you would include that in your tagline, like "Jenny’s Ohio Made Pins." This leaves no doubt about who you are, what you do and where you do it. You can easily create a recognizable name that will carry your reputation around the world if you market this properly. In any event, even at the local craft shows, customers want to know that your items are made right in Ohio. So many crafters travel in from out of state, or even buy their items from China to sell at Ohio craft fairs. Customers need to know that your items have originally been made in Ohio and that will be a huge selling point. Remind your customers that buying local is buying life for the people in Ohio. Crafting job is certainly one more thing we don't want moving to China.

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