Protecting Your Artistic Copyright Contest $500 in Prizes

February 2010 co-sponsoring Fairs and Festivals Copyright Writing Contest

As artists how do we make sure our work is protected?  What do you do if someone photographs your work or designs and then replicates it?  How do you ensure you retain the rights to your creative property even though you're selling a craft, painting, poem or photograph? is partnering with to sponsor a writing contest to help answer these questions more in-depth.  With the proliferation of the internet, and simple access to inexpensive manufacturing companies, the protection of artistic copyright has to potential to impact small producers.  Submit your stories and experiences and join us in the discussion hosted by "Where Knowledge Rules" .

Article topics for the contest include:

An overview on copyright issues for artists

What is artistic copyright infringement?

A look at legislation that protects artists’ rights

How to obtain a copyright for digital artwork

How to obtain a copyright for written works of art

Most common mistakes artists make when licensing their work

How to license art and protect your rights at the same time

The top 5 artistic licensing resources

Easy ways to protect your intellectual property

How to negotiate a creative commons license

An introduction to creative commons licensing for artists

What to do when you think someone is violating your copyright

How is a copyright different from a patent or a trademark?

Are beauty products subject to copyright laws?

Is a patent or a copyright needed to protect a new style of creative glass design?

Reasons to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office even though copyright protection is automatic

What types of work are covered by copyright protection?

How to register a copyright

How long does a copyright last?

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