Oklahoma Art and Craft Shows in 2009

March 2009

Oklahoma art and craft exhibitors are expected to do well in 2009 by capitalizing on the latest craft trends. So, what are the hot craft trends for 2009 that will have your crafts selling out at every Oklahoma craft show? The basic trend is a shift towards "green" crafts, things made from recycled or natural, renewable materials. Another important trend is towards "feel good" crafts as opposed to "practical" items. The reasons for these trends would be the current public awareness of the importance of going green and of the poor state of the economy. Both of these trends can be coupled together and you can create an incredible craft business in Oklahoma this year. Think about ways to make people smile and help them forget their troubles. Of course you will want to keep your price point low, because, although people are going to do frivolous spending on "feel good" items, there is a limit beyond which they will feel guilty if they make a purchase. A good price point would be to keep your items under $20 if that is possible. Oklahoma is a great state for crafters because the people recognize the value of buying local things and they appreciate hand-made goods that have that "down home" feel. Items that offer comfort value will also be big sellers at the Oklahoma crafts shows in 2009. An economy in a serious downturn causes a decrease in profits for many businesses, but not for crafters that recognize important trends. In times of trouble the average people are willing to spend more on things that make them feel better. Items like soaps, creams, bath and massage oils, cute t-shirts, cozy pillows, hair accessories, jewelry, and signs and pictures with cute, inspirational or comical sayings are all big sellers. The future is anything you want it to be when it comes to making money with your crafts in Oklahoma. As long as you keep a positive attitude, use good business sense and stay on top of the latest trends, and that way you can make as much money as you want to make this year.

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