New Trends for Easter and Mother’s Day Festivals & Shows

February 2019

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Easter and Mother’s Day are two holidays where new trends really shine. Here are a few of the new trends of the spring season that will attract customers at festivals and craft shows. 

Lettered Notebooks, Journals and More

Planners, notebooks and journals are a hot trend. Moms are always looking for fun ways to keep organized. Lettered notebooks and planners add a little more style to this functional gift. You offer these gifts in a variety of options whether they are handmade and ready to sell, or you can offer print on demand items made with a beautifully lettered cover. Simple concepts are popular. “Breathe,” “Blessed” and “Gratitude” are all basic ideas, but hot selling items. Whether you go with a calendar format, dividing pages into days of the week or create guided journals, you can tap into a different market.

Did you realize that any lettering you have designed on your own could also become a unique font that others can download and use? Why not consider converting your own alphabets into something others can use with basic word processing and design software?

Make your own stencils based on beautiful lettering and help others with their DIY projects.

There are many ways you can make calligraphic or hand letter items to sell, but with such a saturated market, “outside the box” thinking is in order. These suggestions, above, are sure to help you make the most of the ongoing, hand lettering trend in your crafting business.

Custom Art

This category can expand over several arts and crafts genres. From custom portraits to hand lettered initials and monograms, everyone appreciates the time and effort put into custom art pieces. They are great gifts for any holiday as well. 

Wood Burning

Wood burning is becoming a popular trend as many new and creative designs can be created using modern technology. With wood burning, you no longer have to depend completely on your own drawing abilities. A craft cutter, such as Silhouette Cameo, can be used to create even more unique designs, as you can create stencils for complex designs that make your wood burning even more unique. A variety of great gift ideas include customized cutting boards, wood spoons and other wooden utensils, frames, jewelry boxes, wood signs and much more. 

There are options for artisans to do portraiture using this tool, any sort of wall art, customized wooden hangers, musical instruments such as guitars and ukuleles, game boards, quotation art, hatchet and axe handles, small wooden boxes, rustic signs, and so much more.

Succulent Trends

No matter how green Mom’s thumb is or is not, succulents are a popular trend with multiple ways to incorporate them. One unique trend is the living wreath. While the creation process can be time consuming and sometimes costly, these wreaths are very popular and really stand out from the crowd. They will definitely be worth the time and effort put into each piece. Succulents also make great “garnishes” for larger projects as well.

Other succulent designs don’t even include the actual plants, but rather artistic representations. You can create rolled paper models of succulents. This process is also called “quilling.” Embroidered or cross-stitched succulent designs are also popular, as are paintings and drawings of plants or bouquets of succulents. These concepts are also popular because these plants will truly “never die.”

Faux Fun

Everyone loves faux items, whether it’s felted flowers, quilled succulents, or crocheted animals. There are a wide variety of options to choose from in this trend. One very popular item in this niche are paper flowers expertly designed and turned into bouquets or grouped together in a shadow box. You could even use old maps or vintage papers to create unique flowers. 

Chunky Knit Blankets

With weighted blankets being all the trend, why not take it up a notch with the weight of a chunky knit blanket? A great Mother’s Day gift, as it shows mom just how comfortable you want her to be. Being able to wrap up on a cool spring night with a warm knit blanket will certainly be appreciated. For moms to be or new moms, baby size chunky knit blankets are an excellent addition to any nursery as well. 

Adult Easter Baskets

Looking for something different for Easter gifts? Move away from the typical Easter baskets for kids and give them an upgrade for adults. Cute baskets with high-end chocolates, a bottle of champagne, luxury soaps and a candle. Other items to include could be essential oil Epsom salts, facial masks, succulents and more. 

Macramé is Making a Comeback

It was hot in the 70s and now it’s coming back into style. You can always go with the traditional hangers for potted plants or tote bags, but artisans are taking it even further. Microme jewelry is becoming a popular trend. This is simply macramé on a smaller scale with popular designs being turned into wearable art pieces in the form of necklaces, ear rings and bracelets. 

Macramé home décor is also popular and showing up in new areas of the home. From pillow cases to table runners and even table cloths, there are a wide variety of popular décor items customers are interested in. 

Rose Gold

Just about anything in rose gold is a hit these days. While most items are jewelry pieces, you can get even more creative. The color is ideal for both Easter and Mother’s Day. From apparel to everyday items such as dog collars and rose gold stainless steel straws, rose gold is everywhere!

As you can see, this spring the trends are all about fresh, unique and color. There are so many directions that each of these areas can be taken, that you’ll have plenty of ideas to continue selling throughout the year in addition to Easter and Mother’s Day. It’s all about finding your unique selling point in the genre you choose and making them a piece nobody will forget. 



By sandy leininger on February 28, 2019

Hello my name is Latesha and I’m an independent paparazzi consultant and I am interested in being a vendor at your event I love to get more information from you I look forward to speaking with you soon

By Latesha Megginson on March 5, 2019

So my name is Diane and I’m looking for the Arts and Crafts show that I can into my product I look forward to hearing from you thank you

By Diana Jackson on March 13, 2019

Hello my name is Jacqueline Wellington I’m interested in become a vendor, I have some new inventory I would like to present at your event. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Looking forward to hearing from you. I have garden flags, mugs etc

By Jacqueline Wellington on March 17, 2019

Hi my name is Joan and I am interested in becoming a vendor at some of the craft fairs in East Tn and North Carolina this year. Can you send me information on the events. Times, dates and booth prices. Thank You Joan Johnson

By Joan on March 21, 2019

Looking for vendor opportunities in the Tampa area. I am a talented jewelry designer as well as a quilter.
Thank you,
Tricia Graham

By Tricia Graham on March 23, 2019

Hello I’m looking to vend at one of your upcoming events.
My name is Karen Johnson and I’m an independent consultant for paparazzi accessories.
Can you please email info for the next upcoming available event for one paparazzi consultant.
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By karenpapajohn on April 12, 2019

I am looking for vendors for a craft fair in Roseville, California, for May 11, 2019. This is “Simply Spring,” the craft fair at The Salvation Army Roseville, California. Please get in touch with me at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Thank you!
Nancy Neider La Rocque

By nnlarocque on April 19, 2019

HELLO, I have a boutique and would like to do some pops up in different areas in Alabama. Can you help me with the types of festivals that allow clothing and jewelry?

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By KELLY on May 5, 2019

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