Minnesota Art and Craft Shows Impact the Local Economy

March 2009

While it is easy to recognize several of the financial beneficiaries of art and craft shows in Minnesota, their overall impact on the local economy is often underestimated. Of course, the event promoters make money through booth rentals and ticket sales and the artists and crafters make a profit through selling their goods and services. The impact, however, goes much further. Art and craft show promoters spend money locally, advertising and promoting the event. They hire local security companies, setup and clean up crews and pay for local venues. Exhibitors spend money on supplies and other goods for their displays as well as art and craft materials. Consumers often come from other states, bringing outside dollars that are spent at the shows and in hotels, restaurants and on transportation. Minnesota art and craft shows give local economies the opportunity to showcase the state and local businesses. Visitors with a positive experience will come again and encourage others to do so, thus continuing the cycle of positive impact.

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