Maryland’s Craft Trends for 2009

March 2009

Crafters in Maryland know that they are in an uncertain business and that trends come and go in the blinking of an eye. They also know that staying on top of these trends is the key to making crafts that make money. Crocheted kitten toilet paper covers may be a fun craft to make, but they aren't going to help you pay the electric bill in 2009. You need to make crafts that people actually want in their homes even in today's economic conditions, if you want to make a living crafting in Maryland. So what are the predicted hot craft trends for 2009 in Maryland? There are quite a few and depending on your talents and your niche market you will have to choose what works best for you and your customers. Patriotic themes are still expected to be popular among this year's craft items. They need to send a strong message and should have an elegant look that can blend with any décor. Think about using different shades of "red, white and blue" to create a unique look and feel. Beaded items are still catching consumers’ eyes this year, but keep them subtle and elegant. Another hot item is pillows—pillow shams for the bedroom and silky pillows for the living room. These are easy and inexpensive to make with a high profit margin potential. Pins are also coming back in style in the fashion world and you can make killing lapel pins, coat pins and broaches this year. Popular styles for pins in Maryland are hand painted and somewhat eclectic looking ones—think of muted colors, people, animals and some geometric designs. Crocheted scarves are still popular—everyone loves to stay warm in the winter, but this year people are looking for oversized smooth scarves—the fuzzy variety has become passé. Keeping on top of the latest craft trends in Maryland will help you have a happy and profitable 2009, and hopefully you have gotten some ideas that will inspire you to create some funny and unique crafts this year that will really make a lot of money.

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