Made in Vermont—Why Buy Local?

March 2009

Buying local goods and services helps to sustain the economy and keep people working. Buying nationally or internationally produced goods from a local seller keeps more dollars in Vermont than buying through a national retail chain, but the best bet of it all is to buy as much locally produced and locally made stuff as possible. With an increasing number of items being created in Vermont, this is slowly becoming easier to do. Many people are already aware of the benefits of choosing locally grown produce, but buying locally made goods such as clothing, toys and handi-crafts, can also have a dramatic effect on the local economy. Why is buying local important? Don't people everywhere need jobs? Of course, on a larger scale, it pays to buy anything made in the USA, but there are added considerations to motivate us to buy items made in Vermont. The people in a local community are the ones who will support local causes. It is usually a local business that agrees to advertise in the local high-school football field to support their local school, and other similar ways of supporting the community. When you buy local it comes back to you in many ways whether you look at it as karma or just plain common sense, buying locally is just a smart thing to do. So where can you find these locally made treasures? Look for small locally owned stores and shops in big cities and small Vermont towns, alike. You will often see signs that proudly boast "Made in Vermont," so you can easily spot the items you should consider. Another great place to find locally made items is the craft fairs that are held in the state. These events bring local artisans out in droves and offer locally made items from maple syrup, clothing, and children's toys to home décor items. Shopping at these craft fairs is a great way to decorate your home and even do your gift shopping, all while supporting the local economy. Times are tough and many people are out of jobs because their jobs have been outsourced to other countries. Buying products made in Vermont or, at least, sold by local business owners, can help keep the economy in Vermont stronger which means that more of your friends and neighbors can keep their jobs, and their homes.

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