Improve your Art and Craft Show Profits in Alabama

March 2009

Owning a crafting business in Alabama is a great means to make extra money or make a career as long as you know how to maximize your profits. There are several ways to improve your art and craft show profits in Alabama, but the basic ways are to reduce expenses, increase prices, increase sales and increase productivity. Improving on one or more of these elements is the only way to make more money with your art and craft show business in Alabama. Reducing Expenses Reducing expenses to increase your art and craft show profits in Alabama can involve finding ways to pay less for materials or reducing overhead expenses like utilities, gas and phone bills. You should be as budget conscious as possible in everything you do for your business. Simple things like making fewer trips to the craft supply store can save money both on gas and on materials since you may qualify for bulk discounts. Use coupons wherever possible and plan everything ahead. Increase Prices Setting the right price for your craft show items in Alabama is important. You must ensure that you are making enough money for this business to be worthwhile. Make sure you take all expenses and your time into consideration when determining the actual cost for each item and aim to make a decent profit. Be careful not to charge so much or people won't buy, because that would eliminate your profit altogether. Increase Sales Learning to provide better customer service and become a better salesperson can have a huge impact on your profits. The more you sell, the more money you will make. Set high goals and work hard to achieve them and your craft show business in Alabama will be more profitable than you could ever have imagined. Increase Productivity The final way to increase your art and craft show profits in Alabama is to increase your productivity. The less time it takes you to complete a craft, the lower its cost to you and the higher your profit margin will be on each item. Summary You can increase your art and craft show profits in Alabama and make as much money as you desire in 2009 if you make appropriate changes in each of these important areas.


I need much guidance in starting my business. Is there a site which gives how to get started and a site for upcoming craft shows in the southeast.

By Lisa Baldone on February 28, 2018

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