How to succeed on any freelance site

November 2009

If you are considering entering the field of freelancing, there are some things that can help you succeed on any freelance site. These simple tips can help you develop an effective online presence. Persistence does pay.

There are some things you must prepare to start freelancing. Each of these things will help you succeed on any freelance site.

1. Prepare a Resume - Most of us believe that a resume is a useful tool when we are applying for a traditional job. To succeed on any freelance site, you must prepare an online resume that will help you highlight your skills. You can set up free online resumes on several websites. Find the one that works best for you.

2. Creating an online resume is quick and easy with a free account at LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a network of people who freelance and others who share business contacts. With a free account, you can request recommendations from prior employers, co-workers and friends. Starting out with a centralized location to highlight your skills and provide references will help you succeed on any freelance site.

3. Prepare a Portfolio - Your portfolio is going to be the tool you use to establish your credentials as a freelancer. Succeeding on any freelance site is going to require that you have proof of your abilities. If you are writer, you can use your writing portfolio from Helium. You can also create a blog to highlight your skills. Graphic artists can establish a portfolio in a blog. Regardless of the avenue you decide to travel, a portfolio will help you succeed.

4. Cover Letter - Make sure you have the skills needed to write an effective cover letter. Cover letters should highlight your skills and strengths. A thorough cover letter should also explain why you are the right person for the job. Cover letters are used to sell your freelancing skills. Remember that your cover letter will serve as a potential clients first impression. First impressions do matter! The tone of your cover letter should be professional but not stiff. Avoid using jargon and casual language. Proofread cover letters very carefully for typing and grammar errors.

5. Closing the Deal - To be a success on any freelance site you must close the deal. Fully understand all terms and conditions of your new assignment. Make careful notes about agreed upon rates and the scope of the work. Confirm project delivery times. Stay in close communication with your client. Attempt to add value by coming in ahead of your deadline.


Making a commitment to freelancing means making a commitment to yourself. To succeed on any freelance site you must be persistent, prepared and professional. To succeed on any freelance site you must make the commitment to doing the best job that you can possibly do on each and every assignment.

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