Art and Craft Fairs in Tennessee

March 2009

There are many advantages to doing art and craft fairs in Tennessee. The people are warm and friendly and love to buy local hand-made items with a "down-home" feel. A welcome sign is standard and that is the feeling you get from the people, welcome. Art and craft fairs in Tennessee tend to draw large crowds and vendors of all types can do well. As long as you are selling attractive well-made items at a decent price, you will find buyers for your creations. The people in Tennessee love arts and crafts, as demonstrated by the hundreds of successful shows that happen every year. To make the most of your time at the fair, present a variety of merchandise at different price points. You never know what will sell well at one art and craft show vs. another. It pays to be prepared with multiple items on-site. If you find yourself running low on items, keep one for available for demonstration, and make it easy for customers to pay for the product and shipping at the fair. With a pre-printed shipping form, you’ll have the information you need to send the additional orders and follow up with the buyers. Making shipping a part of your service, gives you the added bonus of gathering buyer data for later marketing. Art and craft Fairs in Tennessee can be profitable and fun. Preparation is the key to your success at these fabulous events.


I probably can’t attend your shows.  I can’t set up a tent or display racks anymore, as they are too heavy for me now. If you have any shows coming up where there is wall space where I can hang my paintings, I would be interested.
Doris Lauter

By Doris Lauter on September 26, 2014

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