2009 Craft Shows In Louisiana

March 2009

It is easy to get a negative picture about the market outlook for craft shows in Louisiana if you spend too much time watching the news. They keep talking about people not wanting to spend money and that kind of talk can depress you and make you want to give up, but the truth is that this analysis couldn't be more wrong. Yes, the economy is in a mess and people are cutting back, but not on everything. There are some things that people actually buy more of during tough economic times and they are especially interested in buying things that make them feel good and forget their troubles in times like these. That is good news for the craft show market in Louisiana in 2009. Of course you will have to adjust the nature of the crafts you create for this year's craft shows. As crazy as it sounds, you will have to focus less on "practical" items and more on novelty pieces that make people smile and feel good about themselves. This strategy will not only help you make more money in the coming year, but you might just have more fun, too. There is plenty of money to be made in 2009, but you must have the right outlook and the right products. One thing to avoid in the coming year is craft shows that charge big admission fee from the customers. People don't want to feel they are "wasting" money. You will be better off attending events that cost you a little more for the booth than shows that charge the customer heavily for admission. People are looking for "free" entertainment during tough times and if the admission to the Louisiana craft show is free you will get a lot more customers shopping and looking at your crafts. Getting a lot of people to look at your beautiful, "feel good" items is the key to making a lot of money with your creations at craft shows in Louisiana this year. Keep these tips in mind and you might see record profits in Louisiana this year despite what the economic forecasts say.

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