Pennsylvania Craft Show Promoters: Take Note

March 2009

Learning what your vendors want is crucial to running a successful and profitable craft show in Pennsylvania. Trying to please everyone can be a daunting task, but there are a few basic vendor requests that must be met to make your craft show a success and make as many people as possible happy. There are a few basic things you can do to make your Pennsylvania (and out-of-town) crafters happy. • Promote, promote, promote. Nothing makes vendors happier than a busy event with lots of potential customers. • Choose a good venue. Make sure there is plenty of space and electrical outlets available. Your Pennsylvania craft vendors may want to use their computer or even a cash register at their booth. • Invite a good blend of vendors. You might consider limiting the number of Pennsylvania craft vendors in a particular category so you don't end up with fifty hand-made jewelry booths and two wooden children's toy vendors. • Distribute the booths as evenly as possible. However, you don't necessarily want to put all of your jewelry vendors or crocheted kitten vendors right next to one another. Try to distribute them evenly throughout the event unless you are grouping all vendors of the same type in specific areas to create a themed event. • Give each vendor enough space. They need to be able to set up their displays and have a place to sit without feeling too cramped. It is vital that you don't overbook your Pennsylvania craft show. • Charge a reasonable fee. If your vendors don't make a profit they aren't likely to return. • Give them all the pertinent information up front. Keeping your vendors informed as to what is available to them and what is expected from them during the event will help eliminate surprises. Happy vendors create happy customers and that is what will ultimately make it a successful event for you. You can't make everyone at a Pennsylvania craft show happy all the time, but following these few simple tips will help you make most of the vendors happy most of the time.

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