How to Prepare for Your Craft Show - Your Event Checklist

September 2013

Image Courtsey: Lehigh Valley, PA / Image Courtsey: Lehigh Valley, PA /

Crafters are the nicest people you'll ever meet! I've never run across a fellow crafter that didn't do everything they could to help me (this included making ice cubes for an odd job). Still, it's best to be prepared and you'll need an event planning checklist to help you out. You are already going to be overwhelmed with creating your fabulous product. So you don't need to be stressed about reminding yourself to bring the right stuff. Here is a great checklist to start from! Just add anything specific for your product or show to your event checklist. Now you don't need to stress about forgetting things! Is this your first show?

Indoor Event Checklist

  • Tables & tablecloths - often included in booth cost- be sure the check
  • Display items - and fabric for decor and display mantles to model your craft, hang necklaces, earrings, etc.
  • Comfy shoes - you can stand in all day (in between sitting in your comfy chair)
  • Aspirin
  • Tissue Paper
  • Camera (take pictures of your booth or other booths that inspire you)
  • Chair and Chair cushion, something you are comfortable on all day.
  • Tools - Pliers, Utility Knife, Screwdriver will be sufficient.
  • Hand mirror - if you are selling wearable item
  • Cooler with beverages and snacks - Either bring your own water of jugs that can be filled at the event. You could always support our fellow food vendors and purchase your meals at the fair, or bring snacks (remember those veggies) to complement the fair delectibles.
  • Packaging - small boxes, tissue paper, bags, gift tags
  • Cash box - to store money, checks and credit card receipts (bring plenty of change!) - also handy to bring discreet bag for cash box
  • Financial Business Tools - All the stuff to record your take for the day: receipt book, calculator (tape an extra set of batteries to the back), pens, and credit card sale supplies
  • Guestbook - perfect for marketing and recording address for newsletter and great for visitors to write down what they like
  • Small stapler with staples
  • Marketing Tools - business cards, business card holder, brochures or bulk price list
  • Copy of business license
  • Radio & batteries (if allowed)
  • Portable hand cart (for carrying in supplies from car)
  • And last- STUFF TO SELL!
    • Pop up 10x10 tent or canopy (if event is outside and not provided in cost of booth
    • Umbrella
    • Jacket, Gloves and a Hat
    • Tarp or large garbage bags (to cover up your product if it's windy and rainy and the tent isn't working)
    • Blanket
  • Have a great Event!


I would love to have a craft show in Richmond VA.

By Jesse Butler on September 12, 2013

I am a Long Island girl all my life and love crafting and being original. After Superstorm Sandy (living in a small town….Locust Valley Long Island) I realized that it is so important to support our local artists,businesses etc. I recently visited The East End (long time since college) and realized that I felt so at home with bittersweet memories (from long ago) and wanted to reconnect with this part of the island I once considered my “Summer Home” throughout my college years. I hope to create original pieces that cater and appeal to the local business owners here and am happy to create new friendships,business relationnships and just plain deliver what my clients want and reveal any personal/individual requests of art that they may wish to have created.

By Melissa Angelone on September 14, 2013

Hey Everyone! Monterey Bay Christian School is hosting a Holiday Bazaar Nov 16th at our school. We are looking for Handmade Local Crafters/Vendors to be a part of our bazaar. It cost $30 to reserve a space, that is all, and all profit is yours to keep! It would be a great time to have people get their Christmas shopping started! If you are interested, please message me. You would have to reserve your spot by, space is limited. And for all of you who love handmade crafts, please stop by our event on Nov 16th and get your shopping on,and support handmade

By Deb Hidalgo on October 26, 2013

We are having a Winter Boutique on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 from 10-3pm at San Ramon Valley High School at 501 Danville Blvd., Danville, CA.  We will have over 70 specialty vendors, Holiday photos taken on site for small fee, Toys for Tots Collection and Fabulous Raffle prizes.  Cost is $75 for 8 foot table (provided for you) and a raffle prize donation.  Please contact me at 925/212-0986 if interested in being a vendor!

By Helga Glasson on November 18, 2013

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